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Strategic Risk Assessment from an Experienced Sourcing Agent from Chicago, IL

J-Link Trading Solutions, LLC is a trusted sourcing agent based in Chicago, Illinois, providing client-focused supplier verification and risk assessment services.Our services come in two components: Supplier Search and Operation Assistance. Supplier Search involves two stages: Planning and Development. For a comprehensive and step-by-step overview of how we conduct our services, click here for a free handout.


Learn international market regulations with our complete market research services. Here, we search suppliers in certain countries and evaluate their capabilities to see if they meet your needs. We also calculate the costs and risks with partnering with suppliers and assist you in planning robust and cost-effective supply chain structure.


Supplier verification is the main focus of the development stage. We provide background checks on the supplier's financial and legal standing.We also organize site visit to interview factory management and employees and confirm their experiences and internal processes. To bridge language and culture gaps, we provide everything needed in the trip, including translations and travel arrangements.

Risk Assessment

Product Compliance

After the supplier verification process, we assist you in assessing if the supplier's product complies fully with your requirements as well as industrial standard and regulations.To minimize logistics cost and maximize the competitiveness of the product, we also work with product designers to ensure the product is not only designed for manufacturing but also designed for losgictics. 

Quality Assurance

Acting as the liaison between the company and manufacturer, we coordinate and facilitate sample products to set proper quality standards. We also review orders and draft the paperwork for you. To avoid international liabilities, we check the terms and prices thoroughly and work closely with you throughout the development phase.

Work with a reliable sourcing agent providing comprehensive risk assessment audits.
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