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About Vender Services, Global Sourcing China from Chicago, IL

Turn to J-Link Trading Solutions, LLC in Chicago, Illinois, for outstanding management consulting services. With more than 20 years of experience, we take pride in providing our clients with customized services instead of generic packages. Observing honesty and transparency in everything we do, we do not charge any hidden costs nor sell our customers products that they don't need.

A Passion for Excellence

At our company, we believe that excellence comes from unfailing integrity and growing innovation. Aside from being passionate and professional, our solid knowledge in management and international services allows us to guide our customers and meet their needs as effectively as possible.

Client-Focused Services
While some sourcing companies work for the suppliers' benefit, we work for the interest of our clients. We always strive to look for companies that can help your business the best way possible, and have no special ties to the manufacturers. Our on-site team in China assists us in operating our services.

About the Founder
Jing Guo founded J-Link Trading Solutions, LLC in 2010 with a strong desire to help companies improve profitability. Prior to coming to the US, Jing worked in China and Singapore where she held various management positions in logistics, business development, and international sales.


• 20 Years of Experience in International Business
• APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP)

• Certified International Trade Specialist (Ministry of Foreign
  Trade Economic Cooperation of China)


Our founder's broad knowledge of multinational business practices, rich experience working with multiple cultures, and background working on various aspects of the supply chain led to her decision to establish our company. To date, we have assisted clients in the following tasks:

• Evaluation of Suppliers
• PO Management

• Logistics and Warehousing
• Vendor Facilitation and Coordination
• Negotiation of Price, Terms, and        Conditions



• Packaging
• Printing
• Flooring

• Gifts and Crafts
• Bakery and Confection
• Catering Supplies
• Specialty Tape
• Pet Products
• Rehab Therapy Supplies

Enjoy more efficient business operations with our first-rate vender services and global sourcing from china supply chain management services from Chicago, IL. .  Contact our management consulting company at (224) 353-3123 in Chicago, IL, today.