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Strategic Business Operations and Vendor Management Services from Chicago, IL

Streamline the way you operate your supply chain business with exhaustive vendor management services from J-Link. Our business operations specialists based in Chicago, Illinois, collaborate with a network of logistics and warehousing companies to provide tailor-made solutions for your needs.

Business Operations


Let us manage your purchase orders to ensure that the factory receives them properly. With many companies involved in international transitions, we work together with the suppliers and services agencies in facilitating the entire production and logistics processes. We'll communicate all changes and updates to you accordingly.

Quality Control
To meet optimum quality, we assist you in developing quality requirement guidelines for both product and packaging. We help you with the implementation of quality inspection procedures.We have a third party inspector to check on all products before shipment.

Shipping Options
With the help of our network of forwarding companies and customs brokers, we're able to find the best shipping options, as well as complete all paperwork, for you. This way, you can avoid issues with the government and get the products shipped safely to your warehouse in the most cost-efficient manner.

Vendor Management
Have a reliable and constant supply source by having us evaluate and manage vendors for you. We set up Key Performance Indicators (KPI), make sure that they work, and look for solutions when needed. In our years of experience, we know how important vendor management is to meet product standards and maximize business performance.

Contact us today at (224) 244-9957 in Chicago, IL, for more details on how we can improve your
business operations and vendor management systems.