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Partner with the right suppliers and vendors through our economical and labor-saving risk assessment services. We screen your suppliers in our planning and development phases to ensure they meet your company's standards.
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Let your business soar to new heights with dedicated business operations management services by J-Link Trading Solutions, LLC. Included in our operational solutions are quality control and vendor management
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Increase your business profitability while managing operational challenges with specialized vendor management and supply chain management solutions by J-Link Trading Solutions, LLC based in Chicago, Illinois. Our management consulting company is a member of APICS™ and the International Trade Association of Greater Chicago™ (ITAGC). Catering to small- and medium-sized companies with supply chain connections in China, we assess the whole business process to streamline operations and determine areas that can be improved. Based on a wide variety range of industries and international business experiences, we continue to observe professionalism and integrity to provide a high-quality service that meets all your needs.

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Enjoy more efficient business operations with our first-rate vender services and global sourcing from china supply chain
management services from Chicago, IL.  Contact our management consulting company at (224) 353-3123 in Chicago, IL, today.